ConceptCalendar is a cost efficient way to promote your company/organization or to commemorate an event in an distinct, sophisticated, and long remembered manner.
A calendar is a perfect way to make your presence felt for a full year, if it is put to use and up on the wall.

The purpose of ConceptCalendars is to create a unique and ‘collectible’ item that the receiver will keep in view, show around, and hold in memory long after the specific year has moved on. To make the recipient look forward to getting the next years version.
ConceptCalendars are the ideal way to reach one to a hundred specifically targeted individuals.

The sheets of a ConceptCalendar is printed and inspected individually and each calendar is put together by hand. Each ConceptCalendar is a true original, numbered, and signed I you so wish. Designed to make a indelible impression they will make the recipient connect your name with a distinct quality product.
Many different, unusual, and special papers and material can be utilized too stimulate mind, touch, and smell. All geared to create an original and memorable keepsake.

ConceptCalendars can be customized for any need, theme, or product with original artwork and designs. They are easily tailored to a specific group or even to a target of one.
Concept, design, and images are created and executed by us after discussions, consultations, and approval. The calendars will be numbered and signed by our artist if you so choose. Or you can provided us with images from your archives, we then put together and print the calendar. These will be numbered but not signed by us.

Standard Sizes:
11.7 by 16.5, in a vertical orientation
8.5 by 11, in vertical or horizontal orientation
Standard Material:
Heavy weight matte white paper unless otherwise is decided upon.
RingWire bound top in White, Black, Gray, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, or Green.

Prize upon request, depending on volume, material, and design.