Epson archival inks on Epson Heavy-weight Matte paper. Paper size 16.5" by 11.7". Print will be limited to a quantity of 500 copies. Sheets are numbered and signed at the bottom.
$25, unframed. Sealed in a clear cellophane bag with a sheet of cardboard as a stiffener.
© 20003 edgeBlur
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A french story tells about a pond that is being covered with lily pads during a 30 day period, each day the amount of pads are doubled.

At what day is the pond half full? The answer; on the 29th day.

So let us not get deceived by thinking that we have a lot of open free land to spare. It fills up extremely fast at the end.

Every open space is worth fighting for.

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$75. Mounted in black or limed white hardwood frame, with glass, backing and hanging hardware.
"Land, they don't make it anymore".
Quote from Will Rogers
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Proceeds from this sheet goes to SPARC, a organization working to save thousands of acres of land in the Lower-Hudson area in New York State, from being needlessly developed.

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