One of the unique and special features of the surfACE line is the possibility to attach upgrades and devices to the standardized holes and hole configuration on the Main Board of surfACE | 1.5.
Camera Tripod Attachment (now shipping)
The Tripod Attachment makes it possible to fast and easy attach a surfACE | 1.5 to the top of a standard camera tripod. You will then instantly have a transportable and height adjustable stand for your notebook computer with extra work and storage space on two sides.
Screws into the center hole of the Main Board of the surfACE | 1.5.

For standard 1/4" or 3/8" camera tripod mounts.
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Carrying Bag (in development)
The surfACE can easily be configured to become a protective 'shell' for a notebook computer.

With the special carrying case that we are developing, it will be fast and easy to safely transport both your computer and surfACE together.

Security Straps (in development)
To hold items secure to the surfACE | 1.5, so that they will not fall off, specially useful if you use the Tripod Attachment.
In the mean time here is an idea, take two STC and FTC and connect them through two holes at the front of the Main Board, so that they function as 'stops' for the computer and use a Kwik-Twist, or other device, to secure the laptop to the Main Board
We take no responsibility for items placed on a surfACE.
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