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"I want one!"
Bridget Pastenkos, NJ

"The surfACE is awesome! Its really convenient and quite stylish. When my friends come over they always are in awe, its just that great! "
–Emma Eriksson, NY

"That looks really cool!"
Leo Laporte, Macworld SF 2005

"I can't wait. I've been wanting a stand like this for ages."
Sean Willard, MD

"The ability to set it up the way I work just makes using my laptop a whole lot better."
–George Harris, NJ

"Way to go, dad!"
Anna Billingskog, NY

"I love the design. The angle the laptop is at is incredibly comfortable.. such a huge difference from simply resting the computer on your lap.
-Taylor Dupree, NY [12k Records]

"I am very happy with the product. Sitting alot with the computer in my easy chair and this is the best solution"
Ola Ingvarsson, Sweden

My wife got me one of your laptop trays for Christmas & it rocks! I'll be recommending it to all of my friends."
–Tom Burton, ME

"Received with thanks - a gorgeous and superbly designed product!."
–Tess Lowe, UK

"I am writing to you from my fabulous new surfACE desk...I LOVE it."
Douglas W. Schmidt, CA

"Thanks for a superb laptop tray - innovative, exellently built- just what I wanted"
Sue Warin, UK

"The raised keyboard is great for typing /web surfing and I’ve even been playing some of my games in the chair. My laptop was running cooler as well due to the holes in the main board.

So no heat build-up even after 3 hours of Unreal Tornament in my easy chair

This SurfACE is nice, very nice, would you say a tiny bit excessive? well no, not really, when you keep in mind the cooling property’s, better posture & versatility, in fact its a weight off your Lap.

It is minimalist, well designed, tactile, strong and very cool."
-Tristan Smith, UK [his pictures here]

"This will be perfect for my friend. He always puts his laptop on a bunch of pillows when he use it on the sofa, because it gets so hot."
Mark Emard, CA

Click here to read a review of surfACE | 1.5 on

Click here to read a review of surfACE | 1.5 on

Click here to read a review of surfACE | 1.5 on

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