The Acrylic material that the surfACE is made out of is very hard and smooth.

Optical computer mice work by detecting small variations in the surfaces of the material they are use on, therefore they have a problem on this material.

We have developed a special Mouse Pad, free with each surfACE | 1.5 and 1.4, that gives the optical system the surface variations it needs to work optimally and that 'clings' to the Acrylic material so that it will not move around involuntary.

It also 'sticks' to other hard, flat surfaces like glass.

Orange or Turquoise with a 3-D multi-lensed effect.

Diameter: 7.5 inch (19cm)

To buy a separate Mouse Pad click here.

PM 1 (orange)
comes with surfACE | 1.5
PM 2 (green)
comes with surfACE | 1.5
PM 3 (turquoise)
comes with surfACE | 1.4

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