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December | 2005

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MacFormat 12/2005
surfACE |
• Ideal support for your laptop anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
• For web-surfing, gaming, watching DVDs, work and much more.
• Great design, quality materials and fine craftmanship.
• Sturdy, durable, secure, adjustable and expandable.
• Increases comfort, cooling and ergonomics.
"The surfACE is simply one of the best designed computer peripherals I have seen."
Gordon Kelly,
"… its design, quality of construction and most important, usability are of the highest order,
which should be enough to offset the cost for most people."

                                                                                                           Clifford Hope, MacFormat Magazine
"Certainly, it's the most versatile laptop stand I have encountered."
                                                                                                           Charles W. Moore,
"Compared to any other laptop tray on the market, this tray is one of the best you will find
and will definitely make a great gift for any laptop user."

"The surfACE is a wonderful useful and fun invention destined to change
the way we use our computers."

                                                                                                                     Isaac Mitzrahi, Fashion Designer
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surfACE | 1.5   
The original. Most versatile. More information
Clear $149 | Translucent White $144
surfACE | 1.4  
If you don't need the versatility of the original 1.5
here is an alternative. More information.
Clear $134 | Translucent White $129
surfACE | 1.3  
No holes in main board. More information.
Clear $124 | Translucent White $119
surfACE | 1.2  
Same as surfACE | 1.3, but with less hardware pieces. More information.
Clear $104 | Translucent White $99
Design your own surfACE, click here.

Rests on a chairs armrests, no weight, pressure or heat transferred to the users legs.

Convenient mousing and storage areas on two sides.
Many configurations possible.

Fast easy assembly and disassembly, no tools necessary.

Works with any brand laptop computer, with a width of no more than 16 1/2" (models with 17" screens works fine).

High quality materials: Acrylic, Aluminum and Rubber. Nothing that will rust or deteriorate.

Platform for a whole system
Use your surfACE | 1.5 with any standard camera tripod.
Get a height adjustable work station anywhere!
Click here for more information

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